Marabout Major Mouvement 10 cl?s pour un corps en bonne sant

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Adopt new habits with the Marabout book "Major Mouvement: 10 Keys to a Healthy Body" and regain your physical fitness with ease. Written by Gr?goire, a compassionate physiotherapist, it teaches you the essential elements to enjoy every moment of your life and achieve your goals.




Back pain, knee pain, overweight, recurring tendinitis, fatigue? sedentary lifestyle is responsible for many ailments. Do you want to get rid of the multiple pains and regain a healthy, muscular, and toned body? The key is movement!


Major Mouvement, a physiotherapist passionate about his profession, specialized in manual therapy, is here to help you take control: debunking common misconceptions, he provides you with the concrete tools to build a body you like, strong and in good health!


About the Author:


Graduated in 2010, Gr?goire has already performed more than 55,000 physiotherapy acts. In 2016, he joined ITMP (Institute of Manual Therapy and Physiotherapy) where he teaches and accompanies physiotherapists in manual therapy.


In 2017, Major Mouvement was born on Instagram: this endearing, funny, and sometimes slightly naive healthcare professional character aims to popularize his profession through videos and make health accessible to the broadest audience.


In May 2019, thanks to the text "D?sabillez-vous", read more than 1.5 million times, which advocates kindness towards all bodies, he made the front page of the national press and became, within a few hours, the French healthcare professional with the highest audience on social media. Today, Major Mouvement is a community of more than 400,000 kind-hearted internet users.



Key Points of the Marabout book "Major Mouvement: 10 Keys to a Healthy Body"

  • Simple, illustrated explanations full of humor to understand the human body
  • More than 100 easy and fun exercises with step-by-step photos to do at home
  • An 8-week fitness program
  • 24 progressive sessions to reach your goal
  • Explanation videos for each session
  • Dimensions: 190 x 230 mm
  • Number of pages: 224 pages
  • Author: Major Mouvement
  • Published by: ?ditions Marabout
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Marabout Major Mouvement 10 cl?s pour un corps en bonne sant
Marabout Major Mouvement 10 cl?s ...
16.90 €
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