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Why choosing the right gear at i-Run is essential for running, trail running & hiking?

Running, trail running, and hiking are not just physical activities; they are lifestyles that require meticulous selection of equipment. At i-Run, we cater to this need by offering an extensive range of high-quality gear tailored for outdoor enthusiasts.

Extensive Range, Top-Quality Brands

With over 75,000 product variations from more than 200 renowned sports brands, we offer a wide range of options readily available for delivery. Whether it's the latest Nike Pegasus 40 for runners, the rugged Hoka Speedgoat for trail enthusiasts, or sturdy hiking gear, we have everything you are looking for. We feature top-tier brands such as Asics, Nike, adidas, Altra, La Sportiva, New Balance, On-Running, Hoka, Saucony, Brooks, and more, ensuring you find the perfect shoes, apparel, and accessories for your preferred activity.

Made for Your Outdoor Adventures

Understanding that each outdoor discipline has unique equipment requirements, i-Run is dedicated to helping you make a meaningful choice in gear. Our team provides personalized assistance to ensure you find the perfect fit for your activities, aligning with your personal goals, needs, and environment.

Running: A Mind-Body Connection

Running is more than just a physical activity. Whether you are training on the road, road-to-trail, or on track and field, it's a connection between your body and your mind. Because this sport is accessible to everyone, it's a way to surpass yourself, and to become better every day. That's why it's essential to choose your running shoes wisely, depending on the terrain, season-appropriate clothing, and accessories like watches that can improve your performance and reduce the risk of injuries.

Trail Running: Conquer Every Terrain

Trail running demands specific equipment for its varied terrains and challenging environments. From light-trail to rugged-trail shoes, and from weather-resistant clothing to essential hydration systems, i-Run equips you to confidently make the most of every step in your trail adventures.

Hiking: Gear for Memorable Experiences

Hiking is a journey into nature's heart, requiring a balance of comfort, functionality, and preparedness. i-Run helps you choose gear that harmonizes weight and space in your backpack, ensuring you have room for all essentials - tents, stoves, sleeping bags, food, and hydration systems - transforming your hikes into unforgettable experiences.

Running, Trail Running, and Hiking at the Best Prices

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Convenient and Secure Transactions

i-Run offers the convenience of paying for your purchases in 2 or 3 interest-free installments, allowing you to indulge in that pair of trail running shoes or sports watch you've been looking for. For more information on free shipping and returns, please refer to our FAQ section.

At i-Run, our mission extends beyond selling equipment; we aim to enhance your outdoor experiences. Passionate about providing quality equipment suited to your needs and activity level, we invite you to choose i-Run for gear that not only enhances performance and ensures safety but also transforms every outdoor adventure into a loved memory.

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