Silva Ranger

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The i-Run team says

Always in the right direction!


Your hikes and treks take on a new dimension with the Silva Ranger compass. Convenient, it ensures the accuracy and readability you need during your sporting adventures.


Thanks to the patented North/South guide lines, you benefit from clear and precise indications during your efforts. The ability to adjust the declination further increases the reliability of your compass.


The graduated cord allows you to carry it safely and to calculate scales on your map. For added convenience, you benefit from an integrated magnifying glass that makes data reading easier.


To help you navigate when the light dims, the fluorescent details highlight the necessary elements.



Key points of the Silva Ranger compass

  • Ideal for your hikes and treks
  • Patented North/South guide lines: precise and clear indications
  • Magnetic declination adjustment: precision
  • Accuracy: +/- 1?C
  • Graduated cord: map scale calculation
  • Magnifying glass: readability
  • Fluorescent details: visibility
  • DryFlex: grip
  • Graduation: 360?C
  • Measurement scale: 1:25,000 mm; 1:50,000 mm
  • Colors: black and green
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Silva Ranger
Silva Ranger
30.00 €
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