Epitact Protection Anti-Ampoules Epithelium Tact 01

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Protection Epitact Anti-Blister Epithelium Tact 01: Nothing Stops You

With the Epitact Anti-Blister Epithelium Tact 01 Protections, say goodbye to blisters on your feet, hands, and back caused by repeated friction from shoes, walking sticks, or backpacks!


A Multi-Function Protection

Equally effective for prevention and pain relief, these protections distribute pressure and absorb friction to prevent blister formation and stop pain when they are already present.


Repositionable and Reusable

The Epitact Anti-Blister Epithelium Tact 01 Protections have the advantage of being applicable to areas prone to blisters based on your activity. Repositionable, you can peel them off and reapply them as you wish thanks to its 12 adhesive holders.



Key Points:

  • Preventive Action: prevents blister formation
  • Pain Relief Action: comfort and performance
  • EpitheliumTact: reusable silicone protection
  • Includes: 4 reusable self-adhesive protections and 12 disposable adhesive holders


  • Oval 5 x 4 cm


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Technical description

Precautions: do not apply to damaged skin. Do not use in case of diabetes and/or arteritis.

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Epitact Protection Anti-Ampoules Epithelium Tact 01
Epitact Protection Anti-Ampoules ...
14.00 €
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