Zamst Genouill?re ZK-X
Zamst Genouill?re ZK-X
Zamst Genouill?re ZK-X
Zamst Genouill?re ZK-X
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Zamst Genouill?re ZK-X

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The i-Run team says

Zamst ZK-X Knee Brace: Optimal Support and Protection!


For maximum support of your knee and optimal protection of your ligaments while being free in your movements during your running sessions, choose the Zamst ZK-X knee brace.


This knee brace is specially designed for preventive support or post-traumatic care of the cruciate and lateral ligaments. Its Fly weight construction offers you incredible lightness with high-performance materials. Ultra-breathable, the Zamst ZK-X knee brace provides great breathability and incredible freshness.


Its i-Fit method with semi-openings and adjustable straps offers a personalized fit and variable levels of compression. It provides high support and quality comfort.


The Kneecap Stabilizer technology effectively stabilizes your kneecap during your running sessions. Coupled with the bilateral strap starting from the back of the knee and crossing in an X at the front, the Zamst ZK-X knee brace ensures optimal hold.


The aluminum hinge and its pre-curved design allow smooth flexion and extension without constraints.



Key Features of the Zamst ZK-X Knee Brace

  • Fly weight: ultra-light material
  • V-Tech: integrated ventilation for maintaining freshness throughout the activity
  • Exo-Tech: 3D exoskeleton. Support for the three ligaments (anterior, internal lateral, and external lateral)
  • I-Fit: adjustment, enhanced comfort, and variable compression levels
  • Kneecap Stabilizer: kneecap stability
  • X-Strap Stabilizer: knee stabilization
  • ROM-Tech: pre-curved design, freedom of movement
  • Color: black


Size (thigh circumference 16 cm above the kneecap)

  • S = 43-46 cm
  • M = 46-49 cm
  • L = 49-52 cm
  • XL = 52-55 cm
  • XXL = 55-60 cm
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Zamst Genouill?re ZK-X
Zamst Genouill?re ZK-X
100.00 € 85.00 €
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