Zamst Genouill?re de stabilisation EK-3
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Zamst Genouill?re de stabilisation EK-3

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The i-Run team says

Zamst EK-3 Stabilization Knee Brace:


For better knee stability during your activity, choose the Zamst EK-3 Stabilization Knee Brace.


It offers you optimal support for the kneecap with its front opening. The mesh insert at the back provides excellent ventilation and promotes sweat wicking. The hook-and-loop elements ensure a perfect fit to your knee.


Its fabric is soft to provide you with maximum comfort.



Key points of the Zamst EK-3 Knee Brace

  • Knee stabilization
  • Kneecap support
  • Mesh insert: ventilation and sweat wicking
  • Hook-and-loop elements: fit
  • Soft fabric: comfort
  • Color: black


Sizes (thigh circumference 10 cm above the kneecap):

  • S: 40-44 cm
  • M: 44-48 cm
  • L: 48-52 cm
  • XL: 52-56 cm
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Zamst Genouill?re de stabilisation EK-3
Zamst Genouill?re de stabilisatio...
40.00 € 34.00 €
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