Compressport R2 Oxygen
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Compressport R2 Oxygen

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Compressport R2 Oxygen Sleeves: Performance and Breathability


Fans of Compressport R2 V2 calf sleeves? Introducing the Compressport R2 Oxygen sleeve! It retains the features of the R2 V2 sleeve while gaining in lightness and breathability, making it ideal for running or trail sessions in hot weather.


The ventilation bands and the thinness of the sleeve allow for maximum airflow during your training and competitions. Thanks to this design, you benefit from additional comfort without the effect of overheating.


Perfectly flexible and elastic, the sleeve follows the movements of your legs, providing the ideal support to enhance your performance. Its compression facilitates venous return and better oxygenation of your muscles. This helps delay the onset of fatigue and keeps you at peak power throughout your course.


The Compressport R2 Oxygen calf sleeve provides greater shock absorption by reducing vibrations by 32%. The added bonus is the K-Protect located below the kneecap, which applies compression to the patellar tendon.



Key features of the Compressport R2 Oxygen sleeves

  • Oxygen Compression: muscle support, improved venous return, vibration reduction
  • Ventilation bands: maximum breathability
  • Very fine fiber: comfort and ventilation
  • Support at the back of the calf: muscle protection
  • K-Protect: compression on the patellar tendon and knee support
  • Can be worn during activity and recovery
  • Ultra-lightweight: 11g
  • Sold in pairs
  • Colors: red and white
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Compressport R2 Oxygen
Compressport R2 Oxygen
50.00 € 20.00 €
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