Compressport R2 3.0

40.00 €

The i-Run team says

Guaranteed for performance, the Compressport R2 3.0 sleeves keep you feeling great during your sports sessions.


Their targeted 360° compression provides excellent muscle support and helps reduce the risk of injury. This new version increases your stability and prevents inflammation and stomach problems.


They absorb shocks by decreasing vibrations by 32% for continuous comfort. Textured fibular bands stimulate proprioceptors with the aim of improving balance and protecting your ankle.


The K-Protect tab under the kneecap provides additional support for the knee. Their quick-drying fabric guarantees good thermoregulation so you stay dry during your exertions.



Key points of the Compressport R2 3.0 sleeves

  • Targeted 360° compression: muscle support
  • Increases stability and balance
  • Reduces inflammation and stomach problems
  • Promotes venous return and oxygenation
  • Postpones the onset of fatigue
  • Shock absorption: 32% reduction in vibrations
  • K-Protect: compression on the patellar tendon and knee support
  • Fibular bands: stimulates proprioceptors
  • Structured proprioceptive bands: balance and reduces the risk of ankle sprains
  • Massaging fibres: comfort and well-being
  • Thermoregulation: management of body temperature
  • Mesh structure: breathability
  • Seamless design: comfort
  • Reflective logo on rear: visibility and safety
  • Sold in pairs for calves
  • Colours: black, white and red


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Compressport R2 3.0
Compressport R2 3.0
40.00 €
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