BV Sport Bike EVO
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BV Sport Bike EVO

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The i-Run team says

The BV Sport Bike EVO sock pair is perfect for cycling sessions in optimal conditions.


Two zones are reinforced by the Tensio+ process for better Achilles tendon support and increased resistance in the area most stressed when you pedal.


The Airgon mesh provides an irresistible sensation of freshness and effectively regulates the temperature for consistently adequate breathability. The Friction Free technology helps reduce the occurrence of blisters, while the Y-Sport System and Stabil Effect ensure an unwavering fit.



Key features of the BV Sport Bike EVO sock pair

  • Tensio+: Achilles tendon support and pedal pressure point reinforcement
  • Airgon mesh: breathability
  • Friction Free: reduces blister risk
  • Y-Sport System and Stabil Effect: sock fit
  • Expanded cuff: prevents tourniquet effect
  • Colors: light blue and gray
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BV Sport Bike EVO
BV Sport Bike EVO
20.00 € 17.00 €
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