BV Sport Trail Ultra
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BV Sport Trail Ultra

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The i-Run team says

Combine style and comfort during your trail sessions with the BV Sport Trail Ultra socks. They accompany you serenely on each of your outings.


The 3D anatomical sole protects friction zones and greatly enhances proprioception for increased enjoyment. Friction is thus reduced and the risk of irritation is limited. A ribbed mesh insert and the Y-Sport System support your ankle without restricting its mobility.


The Achilles tendon is also secured while reinforcements at the heel, toe, and malleoli help preserve your comfort in all circumstances. A lightweight mesh allows air to circulate freely during effort for optimal breathability and quickly wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry.



Key features of the BV Sport Trail Ultra socks

  • Mid-high socks
  • 3D anatomical sole: improves proprioception and reduces friction
  • Y-Sport System: ankle support and freedom of movement
  • Achilles tendon protection
  • Toe and heel protections
  • Lightweight mesh: breathability and keeps feet dry
  • Colors: navy blue, gray, black, and light blue
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BV Sport Trail Ultra
BV Sport Trail Ultra
20.00 € 17.00 €
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