Apurna ?lectrolytes - Neutre

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The i-Run team says

The drink that supports your efforts


The Apurna Electrolytes drink with a neutral flavor is ideal for supporting your intense efforts, regardless of your sporting activity.


Its electrolyte complex helps you to maintain your performance and replenishes your mineral reserves with the aim of hydrating you intelligently. Composed notably of magnesium and potassium, it prevents cramps and delays fatigue.


Vitamin B6 contributes to your well-being by ensuring the proper functioning of your metabolism and your nervous system, while the presence of zinc protects cells from oxidative stress.



Key points of the Apurna Electrolytes drink

  • Neutral flavor
  • To be consumed during or after effort
  • Mineral salts: hydration, limit cramps, and maintain proper body function
  • 4 electrolytes: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium
  • Zinc and selenium: protection of cells against oxidative stress
  • Vitamin B6: reduces fatigue, supports the metabolism and nervous system
  • Box containing 5 sachets of 8 g
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Technical description

Usage Instructions:


A daily dose of 8 g to 16 g of Electrolytes depending on the type of effort, to be taken during or after the effort. Mix well before taking. If during the effort: from the beginning of the effort, drink as regularly as possible in small sips and without waiting to be thirsty.




Sodium citrate*, maltodextrin, calcium citrate*, potassium citrate*, magnesium citrate*, zinc sulfate*, sodium selenate*, vitamin B6. *ingredients of EU and non-EU origin. 


Possible traces of cereals containing gluten (wheat, barley, oats), egg, fish, soy, sulfites, celery. 


Nutritional Values:


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Apurna ?lectrolytes - Neutre
Apurna ?lectrolytes - Neutre
6.50 €
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