Naak Ultra Energy - bouillon sal? - 72 g

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The i-Run team says

Push your limits during your intense sports sessions with the N?ak Ultra Energy drink, savory broth flavor.


Designed for long-duration efforts, it offers 250 calories rich in simple and complex carbohydrates. You thus benefit from an essential source of energy.


The electrolytes ensure complete hydration to replenish your mineral reserves.


The presence of proteins and BCAAs reduces muscle breakdown and delays fatigue.



Key points of the N?ak Ultra Energy drink

  • To be consumed during effort
  • Rich in simple and complex carbohydrates: energy
  • Rich in electrolytes: complete hydration
  • Savory taste
  • Can be consumed hot or cold
  • Composed of a vegetable broth flavor and upcycled ingredients
  • 8 g of protein: reduces muscle breakdown
  • BCAAs: maintains muscle mass and recovery
  • 1 reusable 72 g sachet
  • Flavor: savory broth
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Technical description

Tips :


Add the contents of the sachet (72g) into 500 ml of water and shake well. It is recommended to consume one portion (72g) of N?ak Ultra Energy in 500 to 750 ml of water per hour, depending on the intensity of the activity and weather conditions (heat and humidity).


Ingredients :


Dextrose, maltodextrin, hydrolyzed oat flour (gluten-free), pea protein isolate (6%), barley and rice proteins (5%), yeast extract, salt (3%), carrot powder, tomato powder, leek powder, natural flavors (0.5%), herbs and spices (bay leaf, celery, thyme), magnesium citrate, potassium citrate.

Contains: Gluten and celery. May contain: Milk, eggs, soy.


Nutritional Values :



Per 72 g

Energy value

250 kcal


0.7 g

of which saturated fatty acids

0.1 g


55 g

of which sugars

30 g


8 g

Dietary fibers

1 g


2.1 g


200 mg


28 mg


50 mg



Per 72 g

Isoleucine (BCAA)

330 mg

Leucine (BCAA)

600 mg

Valine (BCAA)

370 mg

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Naak Ultra Energy - bouillon sal? - 72 g
Naak Ultra Energy - bouillon sal?...
4.00 €
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