Atlet Cr?me ?nerg?tique - Amande

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Atlet Energy Cream: creamy benefits!


Indulge yourself and boost your energy reserves with Atlet Energy Cream in almond flavor.


To be enjoyed before your workout, the cassava maltodextrin and coconut sugar promote continuous energy thanks to their low glycemic index, supporting you through your endurance efforts.


After your efforts, Atlet Energy Cream aids in better recovery post-competition due to its natural vitamin C content and acerola powder. These components contribute to a significant reduction in fatigue and protect your muscles from oxidative stress.


Atlet Energy Cream in almond flavor contains carbohydrates and proteins that help maximize your glycogen stores, an essential fuel to sustain your sporting efforts and achieve your goals.



Key points of Atlet Energy Cream

  • To be taken before, during, and after your endurance sports session
  • Low glycemic index: continuous energy
  • Vitamins C and Acerola: antioxidants
  • Carbohydrates: glycogen reserves
  • Almond: amino acids
  • Products from organic farming
  • Creamy texture
  • Made in France
  • 600g jar
  • 10 servings of 60g
  • Taste: almond


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Technical description


Cassava maltodextrin(1), pre-cooked rice cream(1), pre-cooked oat cream(1), almond powder(1), coconut flower sugar(1), unrefined cane sugar(1), acerola extract standardized at 17% vitamin C(1).

(1) Ingredients from organic farming


The choice of ingredients

Cassava maltodextrin and coconut sugar have a low glycemic index, providing a carbohydrate recharge. Continuous energy.

The steam-cooked cereals (oats and rice) also provide carbohydrates, as well as vegetable proteins and dietary fibers.

Almonds contain essential amino acids.

Acerola powder: natural vitamin C which helps reduce fatigue.


This product is intended, considering a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, to meet the needs of immediate muscular effort, especially during a competition or in special environmental conditions. To be used as part of a varied and balanced diet, to meet the needs of near or immediate effort.


Nutritional information for 60g

Energy: 241 kcal / 1016.6 kj

Fats: 6g

Of which saturated fatty acids: 0.6g

Carbohydrates: 41.1g

Of which sugars 9.45g

Fibers: 2.85g

Proteins: 4.95g

Salt: 0.03g

Vitamin C: 18mg


Usage advice

Mix 60g (6 doses) by gradually adding a small amount of water or vegetable milk until a creamy texture is obtained.


1h 30 before a short-duration training or competition.
Or 2h to 3h before a long-duration endurance training or competition (to respect digestion time and muscle awakening).


To optimize recovery with the same dosage (6 doses for 500ml).


During endurance effort, you can also use this preparation as a liquid energy drink (reduce to 40g (4 doses) for a 500ml bottle) or as a cream during your refueling.



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Atlet Cr?me ?nerg?tique - Amande
Atlet Cr?me ?nerg?tique - Amande
23.90 €
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