X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 M
X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 M
X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 M
X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 M
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X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 M

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90.00 €

The i-Run team says

Your body loves it 


Boost your pace during your running sessions with the X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 tights for men. Enjoy a concentration of technologies for increasingly impressive performances.


The combination of ThermoSyphon and the 3D Bionic Sphere System allows for innovative sweat management. A thin layer of sweat remains in contact with your skin to cool it down when needed.


The Partialkompression delays the onset of fatigue effects thanks to adapted compression to your muscles. Benefit from quality thermoregulation with the Innerlap AirConditioning Zone innovation for optimal body temperature.


Designed with body-mapping Retina, this garment is a model of efficiency. The ISO-Pads strategically placed at the hip insulate from the cold for running sessions in the best conditions. 


Practical, the zipped pocket allows you to carry your provisions.



Our model Arnaud is 1.89m tall and wears a size XL.



Key features of the X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 tights

  • ThermoSyphon: sweat regulation and cooling effect
  • Partialkompression: targeted compression and accelerated recovery
  • Body-mapping Retina: optimization of technologies
  • Innerlap AirConditioning Zone: cooling surface at the thighs
  • ISO-Pads: warmth retention
  • Sweat Traps: sweat evacuation
  • AirConditioningSpot: sweat regulation at the knee
  • Aktiv-Bund: support
  • Expansion Ribs: freedom of movement
  • Heat-Transfer-Zone: heat regulation
  • IDEO-Waistband: garment fit
  • Intercool: sweat regulation and protection
  • Neural-Response-Bandage: enhances muscle performance
  • Pocket: storage
  • Color: black and yellow
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X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 M
X-Bionic Effektor 4.0 M
199.00 € 90.00 €
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