i-run.fr 12mm running spikes

8.00 €

The i-Run team says

i-Run running spikes: power and traction


During your cross-training and competitions, the i-Run 12-mm running spikes secure your grip.


The spikes screw into your athletics shoes and secure your footing effectively.


To fit or remove the 12-mm i-Run running spikes, use a spike wrench.



Key features of the i-Run running spikes

  • Suitable for cross-country use
  • Length: 12mm
  • Bag of 12 spike pins
  • Screw: spike wrench (2 sides)
  • Colour: silver-grey


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For who and for which use?

Discipline : Running

Gender: Woman

Stability: Neutral


(once or twice a week)

Surface: Track

Weight of runner: All

Shoe weight: 100g


Shock absorption:
No review for this product.
i-run.fr 12mm running spikes
i-run.fr 12mm running spikes
8.00 €
I-RUN Running Trail Fitness