Amphora Je suis triathl?te

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Achieve your goals with the book Amphora "I am a Triathlete" by Fr?d?ric Hurlin and be ready to embark on the race. Designed for athletes aspiring to complete a triathlon, this guide helps you prepare your training and provides all the keys to success.




The triathlon is becoming more accessible to everyone. Drawing from the extensive experience of the author, this book allows any participant, regardless of their level or the distance they aim to cover, to implement a preparation and training plan that suits their goals.


To ensure you prepare calmly and are ready on the day of your triathlon, this highly accessible manual provides all the useful knowledge and guides you step by step.


You will understand the personal commitment required by such a discipline, learn to build and plan your training, gain the keys to progress in each of the three sports, undertake specific physical preparation, and mentally condition yourself.


Author's Bio:


Fr?d?ric Hurlin has been a triathlon and cycling coach for 15 years, graduated from the University of Bordeaux and Nice, technical advisor, and specialist in altitude training for endurance athletes.



Key Points of the Book Amphora "I am a Triathlete"

  • Preparation and training guide to complete a triathlon
  • Health and nutrition advice
  • Specific data for the three sports: swimming, running, and cycling
  • Dimensions: 210 mm x 240 mm
  • Number of pages: 190 pages
  • Author: Fr?d?ric Hurlin
  • Published by Amphora
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Amphora Je suis triathl?te
Amphora Je suis triathl?te
24.95 €
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