Paulsen Born to Run

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The Paulsen book "Born to Run" by Christopher McDougall offers a new perspective on running through a captivating and touching narrative. His extraordinary encounter with the Tarahumara transports you into an exceptional sporting world.




But why does Christopher McDougall experience foot pain every time he runs? To answer this nagging question, the author sets out in search of a legendary tribe and a mysterious Caballo Blanco, hidden in the inaccessible folds of the Copper Canyon in Mexico.


Under the threat of drug traffickers, in the heart of dizzying terrains where invisible villages nestle, Christopher McDougall will meet the Tarahumara and discover a way of life that will revolutionize the world of running.


"Born to Run" takes us on a whirlwind of encounters with characters capable of running 200 kilometers under 50?C in Death Valley or at over 4000 meters on the mountains of Colorado.


Author's Bio:


Christopher McDougall was born in 1962. A renowned journalist in the United States and a long-distance runner, he was also a correspondent for the Associated Press agency during the civil wars in Uganda and Rwanda.



Key Points of the Paulsen book "Born to Run"

  • Narrative of the encounter with the Tarahumara
  • Secrets of an incredible sporting practice
  • Foreword by Kilian Jornet
  • Dimensions: 150 mm x 210 mm
  • Page count: 416 pages
  • Author: Christopher McDougall
  • Paulsen Editions
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Paulsen Born to Run
Paulsen Born to Run
29.00 €
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