Djoring Djore Pro Harness

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Designed for canicross in constant traction, the Djoring Djore Pro harness is the ideal accessory for enjoying outdoor activities with your dog. It can also be used for bikejoring, dog hiking or for ski joëring.


With the aim of respecting your pet's well-being as much as possible, the open back offers them optimal freedom of movement when running and improves traction. Designed to ensure a stress-free experience, the design factors in the joint areas of your sidekick via a V collar that relaxes their shoulders.


The straps are strategically placed to avoid unpleasant compression on the shoulder blades and buttocks. Made from a robust semi-rigid material, you get the right balance of flexibility and stability to hold the model firmly in place without getting in the way of your training partner.


A foam pad is on the back and on the vent for exceptional comfort while the inner mesh has plenty of beneficial breathability. Reflective patterns make you both more visible in low light.



Key features of the Djoring Djore Pro harness

  • For canicross in constant traction
  • Semi-rigid material: support, flexibility and comfort
  • Open back: freedom of movement and optimised traction
  • Shoulder blade opening: ease of use
  • Strategically placed straps: prevent compression
  • V-neck: freedom of movement, stability and comfort
  • Long attachment points
  • Stomach and back foam: comfort
  • Soft mesh fabric: breathability and comfort
  • Reflective patterns: visibility
  • Can be used for canicross, cani-VTT, cani-rando and ski joëring.
  • Complies with national and international federal regulations
  • Fourteen different sizes available
  • Colours: black, grey-blue and white
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Technical description

Check harness size:


When putting on the harness, make sure you remove the excess skin and fur so that the harness makes contact with the dog's breastbone.

Once both legs are in place, stretch the harness well under the ribcage to ensure stability in lateral traction.

We strongly advise you to use your elastic lanyard as a pulling point to approximate real pulling conditions, as the semi-rigid texture of the harness is designed for strong traction. If the tension is low, the harness will not deploy correctly over the dog's whole body and will feel too short.


Half neck measurement:


Locate the base of the neck and the top of the sternum. Using a tape measure, measure from the top of the sternum to the base of the neck (withers).

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Djoring Djore Pro Harness
Djoring Djore Pro Harness
45.00 €
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