Silva Expedition
Silva Expedition
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Silva Expedition

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Stay the Course!


Leave nothing to chance during your hikes and treks with the Silva Expedition compass! It guides you with precision and allows you to plan your excursions with peace of mind. 


Demanding adventurers, you can trust this compass to guide you to the peaks. Its patented North/South orientation lines provide clear and precise indications


Comprehensive, it features an inclinometer to measure the angle of slopes and assess the difficulty of your route and avalanche risks. The graduated strap allows you to measure the scales on your maps with ease. 


To ensure you never get lost, you can easily adjust the magnetic declination to be certain you're heading in the right direction. The DryFlex housing guarantees an excellent grip for effective handling. 



Key points of the Silva Expedition compass

  • Ideal for your hikes, treks, and mountaineering sessions
  • Patented North/South orientation lines: precision and clarity
  • Inclinometer: measures slope and avalanche risks
  • Accuracy: +/- 1°C
  • Graduated strap: scale measurements
  • Magnetic declination adjustment: ultra-precise orientation
  • DryFlex housing: secure grip 
  • Water resistance: IPX8
  • Anti-slip pad
  • Graduation: 360°C
  • Positioning scales: 1:40 000 mm; 1:25 000 mm; 1:50 000 mm
  • Magnifying lens 
  • Colors: black, orange, and white
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Silva Expedition
Silva Expedition
50.00 € 44.00 €
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