Silva Pocket 8X
Silva Pocket 8X
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Silva Pocket 8X

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The i-Run team says

If you want to observe your surroundings or spot the best path during your hikes and treks, you can rely on the Silva Pocket 8X binoculars.

With their 21mm BK-7 lenses, they guarantee a clear and precise image perfectly suited for daylight.

Their high magnification power and a field of view of 122 meters ensure ideal visibility. You won’t miss any details of your route and can admire the landscape around you.

Compact, they can be easily stored in a bag or in your jacket pocket. The lens caps provide effective protection while you transport them, and the included cloth allows for easy cleaning.

Key Features of the Silva Pocket 8X Binoculars:

  • BK-7 lenses: optical quality
  • Magnification x8
  • Lens width: 21 mm
  • Field of view: 122m
  • Lens caps: protection
  • Cord: security and convenience
  • Focus wheel: easy adjustment
  • Double-hinge: easy storage
  • Case (included): storage
  • Cleaning cloth (included): maintenance
  • Dimensions: 90 x 65 x 40 mm
  • Colors: grey, black, and turquoise
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Silva Pocket 8X
Silva Pocket 8X
45.00 € 41.80 €
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