Silva Porte-carte A4
Silva Porte-carte A4
Silva Porte-carte A4
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Silva Porte-carte A4

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The i-Run team says

Always on the Right Path


Essential for hiking and trekking enthusiasts, the Silva map holder allows you to store and consult your maps easily. 


Completely waterproof, it protects your maps no matter the conditions you face. Rain, snow, or mud are no longer a problem when it comes to finding your way


You can wear it around your neck, keeping your hands free and your equipment within reach thanks to the adjustable lanyard. The latter is graduated to measure the scales on your maps. 


Transparent, it ensures excellent visibility for viewing your documents without removing them, enhancing usability during your sporting excursions



Key Features of the Silva Map Holder

  • A4 Size: standard map
  • Waterproof: total protection
  • Graduated Lanyard: scale measurement 
  • Adjustable Lanyard: easy to wear
  • Transparent Screen: optimal visibility
  • Easy Opening: practicality 
  • Dimensions: 297 x 240 mm
  • Color: black
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Silva Porte-carte A4
Silva Porte-carte A4
30.00 € 17.10 €
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