Compex Tape
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Compex Tape

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The i-Run team says

The Compex Kinesiology Tape offers you excellent support to help you achieve your sports goals in running, cycling, or during your training activities.


Indeed, this tape, made from high-quality cotton, aids in the treatment of pain and injuries that may occur during and after sports practice.


The Compex Tape helps you combat muscular, tendon, and joint pain.


This high-quality and very lightweight elastic adhesive tape ensures good support and stability for your muscles. It is also water-resistant and can be worn for several consecutive days.


Recommendation: a kinesiology tape should be applied by trained professionals who are knowledgeable in anatomy as well as cutting and application techniques.



Key points of the Compex Kinesiology Tape:

  • Support and stability
  • Treatment of muscular pain and injuries
  • Combats muscular, tendon, and joint pain
  • Can be worn for several days
  • Water-resistant
  • Dimensions: 5 cm x 5 m
  • Color: pink
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Compex Tape
Compex Tape
11.00 € 9.00 €
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