Epitact Genouill?re Epith?lium Flex 01

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Epitact Epithelium Flex 01 Knee Brace: Quality Protection That You'll Forget About


Athlete prone to tendinitis, patellar instability, or chondropathy? Concentrated with patented patellar tendon and technical fabric, the Epitact Epithelium Flex 01 Knee Brace shields you from patellar deviations and promotes proper alignment of the lower limbs. Ideal for well-aligned, light sports sessions!


The perfect combination of fabric and technology is designed to provide you with high-quality stability. Its ultra-efficient compression fabric Reflex is specially crafted to stabilize your knee. Its patented silicone tendon EpitheliumFlex offers superior patellar support.


The Epitact Epithelium Flex 01 Knee Brace features a silicone elastic band at the top and bottom to prevent the brace from slipping or riding up during activity. Ultra-thin, the Finess fabric gently fits behind the knee and around the patella. A dream to avoid irritations and uncomfortable pressure.



Key Features of the Epitact Flex 01 Knee Brace

  • Ideal knee brace for relieving patellar conditions
  • EpitheliumFlex: silicone support tendon
  • Reflex: knee stability and patellar support
  • Finess fabric: no irritation or unnecessary pressure
  • Silicone elastic band: quality support
  • 60 g: lightweight
  • Material finesse: can be worn under clothing
  • Knee brace sold individually: can be worn on the right or left leg
  • Colors: black, gray, and orange



Size Guide: knee circumference (measure in a semi-bent position, center of the patella)

  • Less than 35 cm: size XS
  • Between 35 and 38 cm: size S
  • Between 38 and 41 cm: size M
  • Between 41 and 44 cm: size L
  • More than 44 cm: size XL
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Technical description


Do not use in case of arteritis, significant varicose conditions, phlebitis sequelae, or leg and/or thigh edema (lymphatic/venous) so as not to impede circulation.

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Epitact Genouill?re Epith?lium Flex 01
Epitact Genouill?re Epith?lium Fl...
59.00 €
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