Thuasne Chevill?re Strapping Novelastic
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Thuasne Chevill?re Strapping Novelastic

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The i-Run team says

Thuasne Strapping Neolastic Ankle Brace: It protects you


To prevent injuries or to recover after a minor injury, the Thuasne Strapping Neolastic Ankle Brace provides excellent ligament support.


The elastic straps provide reinforcement around the ankle and reduce joint rotation. The perforated neoprene promotes better sweat wicking.


The Thuasne Strapping Neolastic Ankle Brace features a hook-and-loop fastener for an ideal fit to your foot.



Key points of the Thuasne Strapping Neolastic Ankle Brace

  • Injury prevention
  • Recovery after a sprain (minor injury)
  • Weak lateral ankle ligaments
  • Elastic straps: reinforcement around the ankle
  • Hook-and-loop fastener: fitting
  • Colors: black, blue, and orange

Sizes (ankle circumference in cm at the widest point)

  • S: 19-21
  • M: 21-23
  • L: 23-25
  • XL: 25-27
  • XXL: 27-30
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Thuasne Chevill?re Strapping Novelastic
Thuasne Chevill?re Strapping Nove...
30.00 € 25.50 €
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