Zamst JK-2 Knee Brace

59.00 €

The i-Run team says

Zamst JK-2 Knee Brace: Support and Stability

Wear the necessary support during your sports activities with the Zamst JK-2 patellar tendon support and patellar centering knee brace. It reduces stress on the patellar ligament and stabilizes the kneecap.

Designed to protect you from injuries, its integrated P-Tech technology absorbs shocks and vibrations to preserve the quadriceps tendon. It features dual-layer padding with a top band that compresses above for complete support. It prevents knee injuries such as patellar tendinopathy with patellar instability or Osgood-Schlatter disease.

The Zamst JK-2 knee brace offers integrated ventilation in the material to comfortably accompany you during your running sessions, trail running, or jumping sports (basketball, volleyball, etc.). Its I-Fit design allows for precise adjustment and compression.

Key Features of the Zamst JK-2 Knee Brace:

  • Integrated padding under the kneecap to absorb shocks and vibrations and alleviate pain
  • Anatomical padding for kneecap stability
  • Compression of the quadriceps tendon for complete support
  • Recommended for Osgood-Schlatter
  • V-Tech: integrated ventilation
  • P-Tech: shock and vibration absorption
  • I-Fit: open design and adjustable closure
  • Rom-Tech: freedom of movement
  • Grip Tech: non-slip grip
  • Kneecap Stabilizer: keeps the kneecap in place during activity
  • Color: black
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Zamst JK-2 Knee Brace
Zamst JK-2 Knee Brace
59.00 €
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