Gorilla Lacets Trail
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Gorilla Lacets Trail

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The i-Run team says

Designed for Greater Peace of Mind


Thought for trail running, the Gorilla laces accompany you on each of your outings for achievements in complete serenity.


Your foot is perfectly supported thanks to the memory foam and an ideally adapted tension to your effort. Optimal support allows you to enjoy unwavering comfort, protected from an excessive feeling of compression.


Flat sections facilitate venous return while oval inserts take care of securing your ankle for maximum serenity.



Key features of the Gorilla laces

  • Perfect for trail running
  • Silicone design: foot adjustment and support
  • Flat sections: facilitate venous return
  • Round section: toe protection
  • Oval sections at the ends: ankle support
  • Length: 1230 mm
  • Supplied with 2 black clips
  • Color: neon orange
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Gorilla Lacets Trail
Gorilla Lacets Trail
15.00 € 11.25 €
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