Carte IGN G?rardmer Le Hohneck 3618OT

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An essential element for the smooth running of your escapades, the IGN Map G?rardmer Le Hohneck La Bresse 3618OT quickly finds its place in your backpack. A true treasure trove of information, it allows you to organize your upcoming routes ensuring you miss no detail.


Created by the National Geographic Institute, it lists a multitude of details existing on the ground : communication routes down to the smallest path, constructions up to hangars, woodsisolated treesriverssprings... Not to mention the representation of relief by contour lines. The marked trails and tourist information are also represented.


Covered municipalities:


Beaum?nil, La Chapelle-devant-Bruy?res, Granges-Aumontzey, Fim?nil, Li?zey, Prey, Tendon, Cornimont, La Bresse, Rochesson, Cleurie, Gerbamont, Basse-sur-le-Rupt, Sapois, Herpelmont, Jussarupt, La Forge, Vagney, Le Syndicat, Le Tholy, Laveline-du-Houx.


Places to discover:


Regional Natural Park of Ballons des Vosges, Lake G?rardmer, Lake Longemer, Green Lake, Lake des Corbeaux, Rothenkopf, the Hohneck, Haut du Roc, Roche des Ducs, Grand Artimont, Spiemont, the T?te des Porcs, the Altenberg, the Schweisel, Straiture Gorge, the Hell's Hole, Devil's Rock, Bonhomme Pass, Roch. Obs. Belmont, Gazon du Faing, the Petit Hohne.



Key points of the IGN Map G?rardmer Le Hohneck La Bresse 3618OT

  • Series : TOP25
  • Scale : 1/25 000 (1 cm = 250 m)
  • Departments : Haut-Rhin (68) and Vosges (88)
  • Publication date : 09/03/2020
  • Compatible with GPS system
  • Contour lines
  • Tourist information
  • Walking and hiking routes
  • Folded map dimensions (in mm) : 110 x 240
  • Unfolded map dimensions (in cm) : 96 x 132
  • Weight : 99 g
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Carte IGN G?rardmer Le Hohneck 3618OT
Carte IGN G?rardmer Le Hohneck 36...
13.40 €
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