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i-Run: Passion for the Outdoors, Including Hiking, Trekking & Backpacking

Here at i-Run, we're deeply passionate about outdoor adventures! In addition to running and trail running, we also serve hikers, whether it's Nordic walking, hiking, or even trekking. Hiking lets you cover long distances on foot, offering a classic way to explore nature's wonders. However, hiking and trekking are not just leisurely activities; they're also intense sports. Whether you're traversing mountain trails, fields, or forests and choosing to sleep under the stars or in a mountain refuge, having the right hiking gear is essential for fully enjoying your outdoor experience.

With our focus on outdoor activities, i-Run is the perfect place to get equipped for all your adventures, from short hikes near your house to long treks in the backcountry. Whether you need hiking boots, lightweight and durable clothing for any weather, camping gear, or accessories, i-Run ensures that you have the best experience on every hike and trek. Let's find the perfect gear for you and your outdoor journeys together.

Hiking Boots: Over Hill and Dale

Your hiking boots are your best companions on the trails, enduring miles of rugged terrain and unpredictable conditions. From gentle paths to steep climbs, being well-prepared is key to a successful hike. At i-Run, we offer a wide range of hiking and trekking shoes designed for every hiker:

  • Walking Shoes: Ideal for short walks and day trips lasting several hours, suitable for flat and smooth terrain.
  • Hiking Boots: Designed for day hikes or multi-day trips on varied and slightly rugged terrain such as forests, fields, and hillsides. They provide ankle support and traction on uneven surfaces.
  • Approach & Via Ferrata Shoes: Lightweight and durable, these shoes offer stability and grip for rocky and rugged terrain, sometimes with parts that involve climbing.
  • Trekking & Mountaineering Shoes: Versatile footwear designed for challenging expeditions in rugged, muddy, and harsh environments (snow, ice, etc.).

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Hiking Clothing: Adaptability for Every Condition

Having hiking clothes allows you to adapt to the various weather changes during your trek. In case of sudden rain, keep a raincoat or waterproof jacket handy along with pants to stay dry during showers. In hot weather, opt for t-shirts, and don't forget caps to protect from the sun. Finally, for chilly evenings or mornings, layer up with long-sleeved shirts and thermal clothing, and consider bringing gloves or beanies.

Camping & Hiking Gear: Essentials for Comfort and Convenience

During hiking and trekking adventures, your campsite becomes your temporary home for the night. While you won't be able to carry everything with you, there are essential items to consider:

  • Tent: Your tent must be lightweight and easy to set up and pack away for quick installation or departure.
  • Stove: If you plan to cook your own meals, a portable stove will provide the comfort of hot food and boiled water.
  • Sleeping Bag: Whether sleeping under the stars or in a tent, your sleeping bag should be lightweight and warm for a comfortable rest during chilly nights.
  • Sleeping Bag Liner: Adding extra insulation and keeping your sleeping bag clean, a liner is a valuable addition to your sleep system.
  • Sleeping Pads: Enhance your nighttime comfort with auto-inflated sleeping pads and mats. Your back will thank you, you'll be insulated from the ground, and you'll enjoy a better night's sleep, leaving you fully refreshed for the next day.
  • Backpack: Your backpack carries all your essentials, so it should be lightweight and have sufficient capacity for your belongings, including features like pockets and compatibility with hydration systems.

Technology Serving Your Safety

Since your hike or trek may last several days, having essential electronic equipment is crucial. A headlamp will be your best ally when night falls, whether for guiding your way or searching for your belongings in the darkness. Additionally, to capture moments and landscapes of your adventure, locate yourself, or stay in touch with your loved ones, it's vital to have power for your electronic devices with a power bank. This ensures you never run out of battery, even when you're in an area without electricity. And to prevent being completely drained, consider taking a solar charger, allowing you to recharge your power bank and keep your devices charged.

Hiking Accessories: Small Tools for Maximum Comfort

Sometimes, an accessory can make all the difference, even save your life:

  • Trekking Poles: Improve your stability and reduce joint strain with trekking poles.
  • Hydration Packs: Carry large amounts of water without the burden of heavy water bottles.
  • Filtration Straws: Safely drink water from any source without risking illness.

At i-Run, we take pride in being your companion on your outdoor adventures, providing you with the gear you need to explore unknown trails and uncover the wonders of nature. Hiking and trekking offer unforgettable experiences that bring people from diverse backgrounds together, enriching each of us along the way. We value our interactions with customers and welcome their feedback, as it allows us to continuously improve our offerings. Rest assured in your gear selection, as choosing i-Run means gaining access to expert advice and top-quality hiking equipment at the best prices.

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