Epitact Ergostrap cheville

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Epitact Ergostrap Ankle Brace: Secure Your Movements!


The Epitact Ergostrap Ankle Brace is designed to support your ankle after an injury, during your return to sports, or in cases of chronic instability. 


The reinforcements placed on each side of the ankle brace take the shape of your anatomy after immersion in hot water, during the first use. The orthosis perfectly adapts to your malleoli and morphology to support you effectively and comfortably.


To limit the lateral movements that cause sprains, the patented strapping in silicone of the Epitact Ergostrap Ankle Brace complements the action of the reinforcements for optimal support.


You remain completely free in your movements thanks to the thinness and lightness of the ankle brace. Designed to offer you great comfort during all your sporting activities, it adapts to all types of sports shoes.



Key Features of the Epitact Ergostrap Ankle Brace

  • Designed to prevent ankle instabilities and aid the return to sports activities after a sprain
  • Epitheliumflex patented strapping: limits movements causing sprains
  • Thermoformable reinforcements: adapts to your morphology and provides support
  • Extra thin: can be worn with all types of sports shoes
  • Lightweight: 120g
  • Sold without the sock
  • Color: black
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Epitact Ergostrap cheville
Epitact Ergostrap cheville
50.00 €
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