Aquasphere Microfin
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Aquasphere Microfin

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The i-Run team says

Ideal for Progressing


The Aqua Sphere Microfin fins are perfect for optimizing your swimming sessions.


Their design allows you to strengthen the areas of your body engaged for better performance. The short blade effectively muscles your legs and stabilizes your kicks.


The TPR polymer foot pocket offers essential comfort. Non-slip rubber inserts ensure maximum grip on slippery surfaces.



Key Features of the Aqua Sphere Microfin fins

  • Strengthening of areas engaged during effort
  • Short blade: leg strengthening
  • Power transfer from foot to fin
  • TPR polymer foot pocket: comfort
  • Rigid sole: reduces the risk of cramps
  • Non-slip rubber: grip on slippery surfaces
  • Color: black
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Aquasphere Microfin
Aquasphere Microfin
40.00 € 32.00 €
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