Baouw Barre nutritionnelle bio - Agrume - Cajou - Reine des pr

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Stunning Flavors


The Baouw Organic Nutrition Bar, with citrus, cashew, and Jamaican pepper, is a blend of flavors and benefits for your body. Created with a Michelin-starred chef, it delights your taste buds and meets your energy needs for your utmost pleasure.


Composed of a delicious mix, with no added sugars, it provides you with long-lasting energy to calmly overcome your daily challenges. As a source of quality lipids, the cashew enhances your mood thanks to its natural antidepressant properties.


Rich in antioxidants, the pepper and citrus offer an explosive result for an immediate boost effect. Completely digestible, it?s a perfect snack for small cravings and demanding workouts.



Key points of the Baouw Organic Nutrition Bar

  • To be consumed before, during, or after a workout
  • 1 bar every 45 minutes on average, depending on intensity
  • Fruit-based: energy, glycemic control, and flavor
  • Cashew: source of lipids and proteins, natural antidepressant, and energy
  • Citrus: antioxidant and flavor
  • Pepper: antioxidant, pain reliever, and boost effect
  • Olive oil: softness, antioxidant, and quality lipid
  • Dates: carbohydrates, potassium, antioxidants, and rich in fiber
  • Digestible and delicious snack
  • No added sugars: healthy snack
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • Organic ingredients
  • Made in the French Alps
  • A 25g bar
  • Flavors: citrus, cashew, and Jamaican pepper
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Technical description



Dates*, cashew nuts* 14.7%, orange cubes* 13.7% (apple puree*, concentrated apple juice*, concentrated orange juice*, rice flour*, pectin, natural orange flavor), chestnut flour*, sunflower protein*, acacia fiber*, extra virgin olive oil*, meadowsweet extract*, allspice* 0.2%. 
*Ingredients from organic farming
Vegan and naturally gluten-free ingredients. However, traces of gluten due to production are possible. No added sugars. Contains naturally occurring sugars.
Nutritional Values:
per 100g
per 1 bar 25g
362 kJ
of which saturated fats
of which sugars
Fiber 10g 2.6g
Proteins 8.4g  2.1g
0.02g 0.004g
Vitamins Value
per 100g 
 % RDA* per 100g
Vitamin E 0.53mg 4.38 %
Vitamin H 0.00mg 00.00 %
Vitamin B1 0.41mg 36.85 %
Vitamin B2 0.19mg 13.73 %
Vitamin B6 0.29mg 20.52 %



Salt and Minerals Value
per 100g
% RDA* per 100g
Calcium 48.95mg 6.12 %
Phosphorus 147.18mg 21.03 %
Magnesium 99.26mg 26.47 %
Potassium 571.55mg 28.58 %
Sodium 19.53mg /
Zinc 2.83mg 18.87 %
Copper 0.65mg 25.82 %
Nutritional values obtained by calculation from technical data sheets of raw materials and literature (CIQUAL table and The Composition of Foods, Souci Fachmann Kraut, 7th edition, Med Pharm scientific publishers).
* Recommended daily allowances
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Baouw Barre nutritionnelle bio - Agrume - Cajou - Reine des pr
Baouw Barre nutritionnelle bio - ...
2.65 €
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