OVERSTIMS ?tui 4 p?tes d'amandes Am?lix Bio - Citron miel

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The i-Run team says

The Overstims Am?lix Bio almond paste with lemon honey flavor is designed to provide you with an energy boost throughout your sports session.


It offers great energy efficiency thanks to its high content of organic almonds (30%), which helps to reduce fatigue for better performance.


Its soft and creamy texture makes it very easy to consume while you are in the middle of exercise.



Key points of the Overstims Am?lix Bio almond paste

  • To be consumed during exercise every 45 minutes
  • Soft and creamy texture
  • Rich in organic almonds (30%): energy boost
  • Box of 4 almond pastes
  • 25 g bar
  • Flavor: lemon honey


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Technical description


Lemon - Honey: organic cane sugar, organic almonds 33%, organic candied lemon 16% (organic lemon peels, organic cane sugar, organic rice syrup), organic honey 8.1%, water, natural lemon flavor, salt.
Produced in a facility that uses: tree nuts, gluten, soy, sesame, and lactose.


Nutritional Values

Per 100 g

Per 25 g bar



1882 kJ / 449 kcal to 1888 kJ / 451 kcal

471 kJ / 112 kcal to 472 kJ / 113 kcal


7.1 g to 8.2 g

1.8 g to 1.9 g


59 g to 61 g

15 g

of which sugars

59 g to 61 g

15 g


19 g to 20 g

5 g

of which saturated fatty acids

1.6 g to 1.7 g

0.4 g


2.5 g to 3 g

0.6 g to 0.8 g


0.19 g

0.05 g



During exercise, consume an Am?lix Bio almond paste approximately every 45 minutes.

Drink 1 to 2 sips of OVERSTIM.s organic energy drink or water after consuming the Am?lix Bio almond paste.


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OVERSTIMS ?tui 4 p?tes d'amandes Am?lix Bio - Citron miel
OVERSTIMS ?tui 4 p?tes d'amandes ...
8.90 €
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