Atlet Pur?e ?nerg?tique Bio - Butternut-Patate Douce-Amande

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Diversify Your Taste Pleasures!


During your marathons, trail sessions, and triathlons, Atlet puree with a sweet potato, butternut squash, and almond flavor is a delicious, savory, and satisfying alternative that helps avoid the overload of sweet tastes on your palate!


Developed primarily with plant-based nutrients and a low glycemic index formula, it serves as an energy source to be taken before and during your sporting efforts.


The combination of butternut squash and sweet potato provides potassium, calcium, and an alkalizing effect that helps compensate for salt loss due to excessive sweating during your endurance activities.


The presence of natural antioxidants, such as vitamins E and C, helps prevent oxidative stress and contributes to better endurance.




Key Points of Atlet Energy Puree

  • To be taken before and during your sports session
  • Helps compensate for mineral salt losses
  • Contributes to reducing muscle fatigue
  • Low glycemic index: energy
  • Vitamins E and C: antioxidants
  • Products from organic farming
  • 100% Vegan
  • Made in France
  • 100g pouch
  • Flavor: sweet potato, butternut squash, and almond


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Technical description


Butternut puree 49%(1), water, white almond powder 11.5%(1), sweet potato puree 8%(1), rapeseed oil(1), quinoa flour(1), Gu?rande salt, turmeric powder(1), acerola extract standardized to 17% vitamin C(1)

(1)Ingredients from organic farming


The Choice of Ingredients

Butternut: rich in potassium and calcium

Sweet Potato: for its alkalizing effects (PRAL index: -3.79)

Almonds: Amino acids necessary for reducing muscle fatigue

Acerola: source of natural vitamin C and antioxidant

Rapeseed Oil: provides omega-3 beneficial for the cardiovascular system


Nutritional Values per 100G

Energy: 137.76 kcal / 583.08 kJ - Fat: 9.6 g of which saturated fatty acids: 0.7 g - Carbohydrates: 8.7 g of which sugars: 3 g - Fiber: 2.56 g - Protein: 4 g - Salt: 0.2 g - Vitamin C: 12.33 mg (which is 15% NRV*) - Vitamin E: 2.56 mg (which is 21% NRV*) - Omega-3: 0.24 g   (*NRV = Nutrient Reference Values)

Usage Instructions

Before Exercise:

30 minutes before an endurance effort

During Exercise:

For endurance efforts > 1 hour


This product is intended, considering a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, to meet the needs of immediate muscular effort, particularly during a competition or in special environmental conditions. To be used as part of a varied and balanced diet to meet the needs of near or immediate effort.

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Atlet Pur?e ?nerg?tique Bio - Butternut-Patate Douce-Amande
Atlet Pur?e ?nerg?tique Bio - But...
3.50 €
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