GU Gel Energy - Vanille

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The i-Run team says

Gel Gu Energy: Performance and Energy


The GU Energy gel with vanilla flavor provides you with all the energy you need for your intense training and competitions.


This gel, rich in natural fructose (a fast-acting sugar), immediately replenishes your energy stores. It also contains mineral salts to promote good hydration. It helps you improve your performance and reduce your recovery time.


The carbohydrates ensure a stable blood sugar level to maintain your energy throughout the effort and slow down the onset of fatigue. The branched-chain amino acids facilitate recovery and concentration. Histidine, an essential amino acid, increases the muscles' ability to neutralize lactic acid.

Usage advice: 1 gel 15 minutes before exercise, 1 gel every 45 minutes during exercise.


Key points of the Gu Energy gel:

  • Before and during exercise
  • Carbohydrate intake: supports intense effort
  • Amino acids: reduces muscle fatigue
  • Electrolyte intake: combats dehydration
  • 32g gel
  • Flavor: vanilla
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GU Gel Energy - Vanille
GU Gel Energy - Vanille
2.50 €
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