With the numerous benefits of sports on well-being and performance, more companies are encouraging their employees to engage in regular physical activity. At i-Run, we support these initiatives by providing partner companies with advantageous conditions and preferential rates to equip their employees.

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Sport practice in the workplace

Engaging in sports within the wokrplace offers numerous benefits for the mental and physical health of its participants and positively impacts professional life. That's why some companies adopt various approaches to encourage it:

  • Organization of group classes at the workplace, led by external professionals.
  • Provision of spaces and sports equipment, such as rooms dedicated to activities like strength training or Pilates.
  • Organization of internal competitions (tournaments, team-building), inter-company events, or participation to charity runs.
  • Offers of group purchases at preferential rates on sports products.

For your employees

  • Improved physical fitness and creativity.
  • Reduced stress and risks of depression.
  • Promotes teamwork, cohesion, and team spirit, thus strengthening the bonds between colleagues.
  • Improves work-life balance: engaging in activities during break-times.

For your company

  • Employees are healthier and less tired (32% reduction in absenteeism according to FFSE)
  • Enhanced corporate image.
  • Increased employee satisfaction (87% desire employer-sponsored sports programs, according to FFSE).
  • A productivity increase of 6 to 9%.

Enhance your employees' well being with i-Run

To promote and encourage sports practice in the workplace, i-Run offers preferential rates to committed companies. Whether your employees are equipping themselves personally, or you are ordering custom T-shirts in your company's name for an event, i-Run supports you in your project.


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