Atlet Boisson ?nerg?tique - Menthe

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The i-Run team says

Energy to Spare


The Atlet energy drink with mint flavor is perfect for fueling your efforts during your training sessions and endurance competitions.


The sodium compensates for mineral loss due to sweating. The carbohydrate intake provided by cassava maltodextrin and coconut flower sugar ensures progressive and continuous energy.


The presence of natural antioxidants, vitamin C, and acerola prevents oxidative stress and significantly reduces muscle fatigue.



Key Points of the Atlet energy drink

  • To be consumed during exercise
  • Vitamins C and acerola: antioxidants and fatigue reduction
  • Sodium: mineral reserve
  • Complex carbohydrate intake: energy
  • Subtle and pleasant taste
  • Products from organic farming
  • Made in France
  • 450 g container
  • 11 bottles of 500 ml
  • Flavor: mint
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Technical description

Usage Tips:

Cold or temperate weather: dilute 40g (3 scoops) for 1 bottle of 500ml water or 80g (6 scoops) for 1 liter of water.


Cassava maltodextrin(1), coconut flower sugar(1), powdered agave syrup(1), salt, natural mint flavor(1), acerola extract standardized at 17%  vitamin C(1).

(1)Ingredients from organic farming


Nutritional Values

Per 100 g

Energy: 385.5 kcal / 1638 kj

Fats: 0.2 g

Of which saturated fatty acids: 0.1 g

Carbohydrates: 95.5 g

Of which sugars: 35.7 g

Fiber: 1.1 g

Protein: 0.3 g

Salt: 1.9 g

Vitamin C: 34 mg

Sodium: 735.4 mg

Calcium: 145.8 mg

Potassium: 333 mg

Zinc: 2.5 mg


Per 40 g

Energy: 154.2 kcal / 655.2 kj

Fats: 0.1 g

Of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g

Carbohydrates: 38.2 g

Of which sugars: 14.3 g

Fiber: 0.4 g

Protein: 0.1 g

Salt: 0.8 g

Vitamin C: 13.6 mg

Sodium: 294.2 mg

Calcium: 58.3 mg

Potassium: 133.2 mg

Zinc: 1 mg


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Atlet Boisson ?nerg?tique - Menthe
Atlet Boisson ?nerg?tique - Menthe
21.50 €
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