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Garmin: watches, activity trackers, GPS and more
314 article(s) found

Smartwatches are highly favored by athletes, serving as a logical progression in the growing fascination with connected devices that have been integrating into our daily lives for several years now. Particularly for outdoor sports like running or cycling, which are increasingly popular, smartwatches and fitness bands are adaptable to numerous sports and offer great convenience, accompanying athletes throughout their training sessions. Runners, for instance, will find the Garmin Forerunner range, designed to support them in their sport, quite beneficial, with the Garmin Forerunner 245 being the most popular model.
Also, check out the latest models from the brand on, the Garmin Forerunner 265, and the Garmin Forerunner 965.
The Garmin Fenix range also offers high-end multisport GPS watches designed for the most challenging outdoor environments. They are ideal for running and trail running, for example.

Numerous available functions on Garmin watches

The main appeal of Garmin watches lies in the multitude of features they offer. These features provide numerous insights into your sporting activities and yourself, which are essential for your progress. While not all watches have the same features, most will inform you about your heart rate, measured via a heart rate monitor, or the calories burned during exercise. A GPS chip will inform you about your location, the distance covered during a run or bike ride, or even your speed, altitude, or the gradient of a slope. Some sport watch models will even analyze your stride: its length, height, rhythm, and even the intensity of your feet's impact on the ground. All this information allows you to analyze your weaknesses in detail to improve them. A connected watch will also follow you in your daily life, counting your steps throughout the day. By recording your heart rate, it can even perform a sleep analysis. Thus, the smartwatch becomes the control and analysis panel of your metabolism, leaving no stone unturned.

Smartwatches improve athletic performances

Knowing the characteristics of a stride or your heart rate may satisfy your curiosity but most importantly, it allows you to track, session after session, your sports progress while adapting your exercises to improve your weaknesses. A Garmin heart rate watch, aided by the Garmin Connect app, primarily records many parameters observed during a sports session. After a few sessions, it is possible to compile statistics and obtain an activity monitor that provides more insight into your performance. A rest helper will advise you effectively on the recovery time needed for a race or your interval training sessions, based on variations in your heart rate. It is also possible to motivate yourself by selecting sports goals to achieve, by measuring yourself against your past performances, or even by programming a virtual opponent whose course you can follow throughout a run or bike ride.

Practical and ergonomic watches

Garmin smartwatches aim to accompany you throughout your sports sessions and into your daily life. Therefore, they are discreet, lightweight, and easily worn on the wrist or with a heart rate belt. Connected to your Smartphone, your Garmin watch can directly receive your calls and SMS without interrupting your sports activity. It is intuitively and quickly adjustable, allowing you to easily switch from one operating mode to another, especially in a multisport discipline like triathlon. Furthermore, a Garmin running watch has a long battery life and can easily operate for 15 to 20 consecutive hours. In "simple watch" mode, the battery life can exceed a month. Finally, lightweight and stylish, the various models, often available in several colors, can be worn daily and on any occasion.

For all athletes and all budgets

Given their multitude of functions, Garmin watches are truly multisport and will follow you in all disciplines: endurance sports like running, cycling, or swimming - the watches are waterproof - but also team sports like football or basketball. They will also be useful for skiers, surfers, or hiking enthusiasts. Far from being reserved for a sports elite, connected watches adapt to all levels and will even provide beginners, or those practicing sports infrequently, useful information and statistics that will allow them to evaluate progress and weaknesses. Used equally by professionals and casual runners, they always fulfill their role as a training aid. It's worth noting that these watches are available in a wide price range. The starting price is around 90 euros, while the most complete models can easily approach 500 euros. However, there is a wide and very good quality choice between 100 and 200 euros, for products as useful as they are durable. Buying a smartwatch is therefore recommended for any sports enthusiast looking to progress. Garmin smartwatches will assist you throughout your sessions, whether in rain, wind, or snow, at altitude or underwater, for many years to come.

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