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Headphones & Bone Conduction Headphones
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Music has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for athletes. And today, with technological advancements, bone conduction headphones, traditional headphones, and earbuds have become indispensable accessories for anyone looking to combine sports and music.

Headphones, earbuds, and bone conduction headphones: what are they?

A pair of headphones or earbuds, whether traditional or bone conduction, are wired or wireless devices designed for playing music or making calls from your smartphone during workouts.

Bone conduction headphones are unique because they transmit sound through the bones of your skull, while leaving your ears open. For optimal comfort, choosing a device suited for sports involves considering lightness, sweat resistance, and ergonomics.

Advantages of using headphones or earbuds during your sports sessions

  • Isolation from external noise.
  • Ease of listening to music, which can improve your performance.
  • The ability to answer urgent calls.
  • Ensures total freedom of movement.

Advantages of bone conduction headphones during running

Unlike traditional headphones and earbuds, bone conduction headphones transmit sound directly through the bones of your skull, without blocking your ears. This offers numerous advantages:

  • Environmental awareness: You can still hear what's happening around you, which is essential for safety during outdoor activities like running or cycling.
  • Extended comfort: No pressure or irritation in or around the ear, which can be particularly beneficial during long listening sessions.
  • Ideal for those with hearing issues: These headphones can be an alternative for those with specific hearing problems, as they bypass the traditional ear canal.
  • Sweat and water resistance: Many models are designed to withstand moisture, making them perfect for intense activities.
  • Unique sound quality: Although it may differ from traditional earbuds, many users find that bone conduction offers a rich and immersive sound experience.

Moreover, bone conduction headphones offer an innovative alternative to traditional listening devices, combining safety, comfort, and performance for an optimal audio experience during your activities.

Bone conduction headphones, headphones, and earbuds: who are they for?

Any athlete, whether amateur, intermediate, or professional, can benefit from headphones, earbuds, or bone conduction headphones to enhance their training sessions.

Tips for choosing the right device

  • Prefer in-ear models for a better fit.
  • Choose Bluetooth technology for wireless comfort.
  • Ensure compatibility with your smartphone.
  • Consider noise cancellation options.
  • Look for long battery life and quick charging.

Headphones, bone conduction headphones, or earbuds: budget and choice

If audio quality is your priority, a headset like the Jabra Elite 65t at 180 Euros might be ideal. For renowned brands like Jaybird, expect to spend around 200 Euros. Sport earbuds vary between 26 and 159 Euros depending on the specifications. And for a unique combination of musical immersion and aquatic safety, consider the bone conduction headphone Shokz OpenSwim.

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