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Ideal for Perfecting Your Skills


The Coros POD sensor helps you achieve incredible results during your running sessions. Its practicality makes it a valuable asset in your quest for performance.


This model relies on a multitude of criteria such as your weight and your speed to provide you with very valuable data for progress. Your lateral, vertical, and horizontal running power is analyzed, as well as your ground contact time, your cadence, your strides, and your balance.


Simple to Install, the sensor pairs with your Coros watch or with the brand's app. You just need to synchronize it with your phone to quickly access a precise summary of your achievements.



Key Features of the Coros POD Sensor

  • Helps optimize your running style
  • Considers ground contact time
  • Stride analysis: cadence, height, length
  • Balance
  • Attaches to waist or back
  • Pairs with a Coros watch or can be used with just your smartphone via the Coros app
  • Compatible with Strava and Training Peaks
  • Colors: black and anthracite gray
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69.00 €
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