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Electrostimulators & EMS devices
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Although a healthy diet and regular physical activity are the two main keys to staying in shape or losing weight, sometimes they might not be enough to achieve a dream body. Similarly, a lack of time and a busy schedule can prevent one from performing complete and effective sports sessions. Today, there's an alternative that allows for quicker results than traditional weight training: electrostimulation, a method that stimulates muscles to their maximum in a short amount of time. So, if you too want to take advantage of the attributes of this electrotherapy device and optimize your sports training, I-run tells you everything about electrostimulators.

What is an electrostimulator?

As we've mentioned before, an electrostimulator is a device aimed at triggering muscle contractions similar to those provoked by weight training exercises. It is equipped with electrodes that are placed on the areas to be treated. Thus, it offers numerous programs aimed at improving endurance, strength, and explosiveness as well as providing muscle relaxation massages after sports training. Moreover, through muscle strengthening and stimulation of muscle fibers, it proves effective for athletes.

Why use an electrostimulator?

It's important to know that most electrostimulators on the market are wireless and have internet connectivity. Therefore, you can use them anywhere without any constraints. Additionally, this device allows you to:

  • Enjoy various training programs, depending on your goal.
  • Significantly reduce the duration of your training sessions.
  • Benefit from optimal recovery, especially in treating muscle pains.
  • Perform more efficient and effective running sessions.
  • Prevent injuries that can occur during intensive training.
  • Gain in power, speed, and explosiveness as a runner.

Who is the electrostimulator for?

Since the electrostimulator uses a low current to provoke a muscular reaction, it is used by individuals aiming for body toning, athletes looking to improve their performance, and those seeking to relieve certain muscle pains.
How to choose an electrostimulator?

To make the right choice of electrostimulator, I-run offers you some practical advice:

  • Clearly identify the area to work on (abdominal belt, chest, buttocks, etc.).
  • Opt for a model that offers a maximum number of programs, for better support.
  • Choose an electrostimulator with 2 or 4 channels, to benefit from a maximum number of electrodes to position.
  • Prefer wireless models for simplified use.
  • Pay attention to options like the mi-scan, which allows it to identify the characteristics of your muscles and adapt the electrostimulation accordingly.

Depending on your budget, which electrostimulator should you choose?

For a budget-friendly electrostimulator, you should expect to spend about 150 Euros, especially with the Bluetens model. On the other hand, if you wish to purchase a Compex model, plan to spend between 199 and more than 1300 Euros.

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