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Trail running essentials for unbounded adventures

Welcome to our Trail Running Section, your gateway to premium gear designed for dynamic outdoor pursuits. Explore our diverse range of trail running essentials, offering agility, support, and durability for every step of your off-road journey.



i-Run: More than running, Trail Running

With the evolution of sporting desires, trail running offers an extraordinary adventure in various landscapes for runners looking to push their limits. In addition to running, i-Run also accompanies trail runners in their new favorite playgrounds: from mountains, plains, forests and more. Thanks to trail running, experience freedom, adrenaline, and new peaks waiting to be conquered. i-Run is your ideal partner to equip you for your various trails, whether it's trail running shoes, clothing, electronics, or even accessories.

Together, we will find the equipment made for you, and for each of your upcoming trail runs.

Trail Running Shoes: Conquer every trail

i-Run offers you a wide selection of trail running shoes to conquer all challenges and terrains:

  • Light trail running shoes: Tailored for even terrains like fire roads, gravel paths, and gentle slopes, they provide modest protection, lightweight design, and stability. Perfect for running in forests or on plains.
  • Rugged trail running shoes: Designed for diverse terrains ranging from well-engineered trails to rough, abandoned paths, they are constructed with sturdy materials, toe guards, and enhanced cushioning. Ideal for rugged paths, rocky slopes, and dense wooded environments.
  • Off-trail running shoes: Do you dare to run where others fear? Off-trail running shoes offer superior resilience and a sturdier structure for torsional rigidity. Designed for extreme and varied terrains such as unmarked trails, rugged terrain, streams, mountains, rocky trails, and scree fields.

All our trail running shoes

Clothing versus the elements

With the right clothing, you're guaranteed to triumph. To provide you with the best possible experience on the trails, i-Run offers you clothing tailored to every weather condition and terrain:

Electronics & High-Tech for Trail Runners: Technology to surpass your limits

Measure and monitor your trail running sessions with the best companion: watches.
Track your cardio, distance, GPS position, speed, and more to reach and surpass your goals.
Give a new dimensions to your trails adventures with music: experience a sense of freedom with our sweat-resistant wireless earbuds or bone conduction headsets, allowing you to remain aware of your surroundings while listening to your favorite musics.
For early morning or late-night runs, ensure your safety with powerful and lightweight headlamps. Running during the night is an experience worth trying.
Combat muscle soreness with electrostimulators and massage guns for muscle reinforcement and prevention to get ready for your next trail running session.

Essentials accessories for trail running

Still looking for something? Whether you're participating in a race or need essentials, we have race number belts, water & hydration systems, trail running poles, and more.

At i-Run, we are thrilled to accompany you on your adventures, providing the perfect gear for every summit you conquer. Trail running is an experience worth living, and we take pride in outfitting and empowering each of our customers. Their feedback is valuable to us, as it allows us to continuously improve and better meet their needs. Additionally, we have the pleasure of connecting with them at partner races such as UTMB and SaintéLyon, where we discuss their performance and progress. By choosing i-Run, you benefit from our extensive experience in outdoor adventures, offering quality trail running gear at the best prices.

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