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Trail Running Shoes for men and women
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In recent years, trail running has gained significant popularity among runners worldwide.

This sport is conducted in natural settings, on paths that are often challenging to navigate. Trail runners venture into mountain trails where specialized shoes are a necessity. Indeed, shoes with soles offering maximum grip are essential to avoid irreversible injuries, especially in the wild terrains typically explored during hikes.

Trail running shoes: choose comfort

Trail enthusiasts often head into the most unwelcoming forests for training and competitions. To succeed, shoes designed specifically for trail running are indispensable.

Here is our selection, primarily focused on comfort:

  • Salomon S-Lab XA Alpine: Venture into the mountains with confidence with these shoes designed for the dedicated trail runner. Their midsole offers perfect grip on slippery or rocky terrains and also provides extraordinary shock absorption. Whether you're ascending or descending, the performance remains unmatched. They are also high-cut, thus protecting your feet against the coldest conditions.
  • La Sportiva Crossover 2.0 Gore-Tex: From a design perspective, this model is more eccentric, suiting runners who like to express their style. Wear them on your high mountain outings, especially over long distances. They are also high-cut and feature an adjustable fastening system to perfectly secure your ankles.
  • Salomon X-Lab XA Amphib: This model enables all your hiking adventures, no matter how ambitious. "Amphibious" in nature, they will protect you on solid ground and in water. Thanks to their Contagrip system, they grip well on both dry and wet surfaces. Become an unstoppable hiker while enjoying absolute comfort.

Regardless of the brand, take advantage of the trail sales on i-Run for great deals on trail-running shoes.

Why choose these Trail running shoes?

The models mentioned above highlight the key qualities of shoes specifically crafted for trail outings. They are designed to withstand the most challenging mountain terrains.

On one hand, hiking shoes can be too heavy, too rigid, and tend to tire the runner quickly.

On the other hand, standard running shoes are not suitable for rocky and slippery terrains as they do not provide enough grip. That's why it's crucial to prioritize safety and opt for trail shoes. Moreover, these shoes offer extraordinary resistance and dynamism. Their rubber soles ensure good cushioning and make it easy to step over rocks.

Important: For maximum comfort, it's crucial that the trail shoes fit your size perfectly. If your big toe barely touches the front of the shoe when trying them on, consider choosing a size up.

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