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Duffle bags & backpacks
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If you're passionate about running and trail running, you'll inevitably find yourself covering long distances, sometimes over several days, for instance, if you're on a multi-day hike. Consequently, you'll absolutely need a backpack that meets specific criteria. Otherwise, it will quickly become a heavy burden and spoil your outing.

Beyond design, it's crucial that your future backpack ideally fits your body shape and precisely meets your personal needs.

Backpack Selection: i-Run's Thoughtful Picks

i-Run has always endeavored to offer you the best products. The following backpacks have been tested, approved, and recommended for both novice and experienced running and trail enthusiasts. Here's a special selection that takes into account all the necessary criteria for wise choices:

  • Orca Transition Bag Backpack: This 70kg capacity backpack will be your faithful companion on your trail outings or triathlons. The central compartment will easily hold the bulk of your clothing, shoes, and accessories. Several additional zippered pockets are designed to hold your personal effects. A waterproof compartment is thoughtfully included for your wet clothes or shoes if you wish to isolate them from the rest of your belongings. It also features adjustable straps.
  • The North Face Borealis Backpack: Pack a maximum of items in this voluminous backpack specially designed for passionate runners. It benefits from two large zippered pockets for storing your small personal items. A padded and secure pocket, highly appreciated, is specifically intended to accommodate your laptop. A ventilation system is sewn into the back to ensure exemplary breathability throughout your journey. It also features a waist belt for
  • Reebok Crossfit Day 24L Backpack: This bag can carry up to 24kg, enough to hold all your running gear and personal effects. Inside, two spacious compartments are provided to hold, for example, your nutritional supplies. On the outside, two mesh side pockets are designed for your water bottles. Padded and adjustable straps finish off this uniquely designed bag.

What Criteria Should You Consider When Choosing Your Backpack?

For a peaceful and efficient running or trail experience, a backpack is essential. However, when purchasing, ensure it meets certain strict criteria. It must be spacious enough to contain all your belongings and have several compartments to organize your personal effects. Lightness and comfort are also crucial. For this, it's preferable for your bag to have adjustable and ergonomic straps, so you can ideally adjust it to your body shape, thus avoiding rubbing and back pain.


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