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Running & Trail Running: Canicross gear
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If you have an athletic dog and are looking for motivation to get back into physical activity, canicross is an option. This accessible discipline, which allows you to run with your dog, is a way to stay fit and keep your four-legged companion healthy. Being well-equipped makes it even better.

The importance of not starting too fast

When running with your dog, take things gradually. It's not advisable to start too ambitiously without teaching your companion a few rules first. Your dog needs to understand what you expect of him, to adapt to your stride so that he doesn't run all over the place or suddenly change direction. Practicing canicross begins with some training exercises so that the pair of you become a well-oiled team. Seek information, ask for advice from associations around you. It's also important to monitor your dog's diet, check his health with your vet, and assess his endurance. This way, you won't ask him for too much too soon. Once you feel ready, it's time to get equipped.

The right equipment for your dog

The principle of canicross is that you are connected to him by a pulling harness. Your dog runs in front, but you control the pace. The harness is crucial since your dog will be in front and will pull. He cannot be equipped with a simple collar, which would choke him. You must equip him with a sturdy harness, suitable for your dog's morphology, and that allows for evenly distributed pulling force. Additionally, a canicross belt or harness will enable you to attach the leash to your waist and have your hands free. A wide belt with padding cushions avoids shocks when your dog pulls strongly. As for the leash or tether, it must be sturdy but elastic to prevent too abrupt jerks. A closure via a carabiner is recommended for quicker use.

Your gear for canicross

Whether you're running alone or with your dog, you need a good pair of running or trail running shoes. Don't skimp on quality; running involves impacts, changes of direction, and potential slides, and suitable shoes will prevent any inconvenience. Our wide selection in this area is waiting for you.

The rest of your outfit should be adapted to the temperature and conditions. In cool or rainy weather, a windbreaker may be necessary. In any case, opt for breathable materials in which you're comfortable. Clothing with reflective bands in case you're on the road is a plus.

Finally, depending on the season, know that running with your dog early in the morning or in the evening is an option because a dog doesn't dissipate heat as well as we do. In this case, if daylight is incomplete or fading, equip yourself with a headlamp.

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