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Bras for Running & Trail Running
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During physical exertion, your chest is put to the test due to sweating coupled with vibrations. Good support is essential regardless of your chest size, especially if it is generous.

Why is it important to wear a sports bra?

A sports bra is as important for a comfortable practice of your physical activity as shoes and clothing. Your regular bras are absolutely not suitable for the vibrations and shocks that accompany physical activity. Therefore, you need to choose appropriate underwear.

When you move, underwires can cause colors or even injuries. That’s not all, as these types of bras are also implicated in early breast ptosis. A band below the breast replaces the underwires in sports bras. The most effective can absorb up to 70% of the shocks experienced by the chest. Add to that, a classic bra has very thin straps that inevitably leave unsightly marks on the skin.

Moreover, classic bras contain too much cotton or are not breathable enough. As a result, sweat accumulates under the breast and can eventually cause mycoses and irritations. Finally, a sports bra stays in place, and you don’t have to keep an eye on it to adjust it if necessary.

Be aware that a sports bra or sports bra should be renewed about every 6 months, but this largely depends on the frequency of your physical activity.

How to choose your sports bra?

The more intensive your physical activity, the more important the support is. Support is all the more important if you have a generous chest.

  • If you are running, opt for foam cups and an easily adjustable bra to perfectly fit your shape. If it is too loose, the rubbing will not fail to cause irritation.
    On the other hand, for a gentler physical activity, you can prioritize comfort over support.
  • For a moderately intense activity like fitness, opt for a minimally compressive and comfortable sports bra.
  • Regarding the size of your chest, prefer a sports bra if you have a deep cup. Otherwise, a sports bra may suffice because they generally do not go beyond a C cup. It also has the advantage of being more covering and can be worn alone. However, it is not adaptable to morphology, and generous chests may feel very cramped inside.

Also, prefer a seamless bra or sports bra, which will be more pleasant against the skin. Crossed straps at the back provide a lot of comfort without hindering your movements. Moreover, the fact that they are crossed significantly limits back pain. Also, make sure that your sports bra has wide straps. The wider they are, the more comfortable the bra will be.

To feel comfortable during exercise, opt for textiles that keep you dry (especially the part under the breast).

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