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Sunglasses for Running & Trail Running
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Essential yet paradoxically overlooked by many runners, glasses for running and trail-running should indeed be among the choice accessories. Especially during summer runs, the light can be dazzling, potentially hindering your movements and momentum. Sometimes, due to strong brightness, it can be hard to look at your watch or find your path. Glasses also offer protection during your trail outings, where tree branches and forest insects could harm your eyes.

Glasses for running and trail-running: essential models

The glasses models we present below are specifically developed to accompany you during trail outings or outdoor training sessions. Among the must-have models are:

  • Nike Vision Vaporwing Elite Glasses: Undeniably stylish, these glasses created by Nike offer maximum protection against natural elements and perfect vision. Acquire them urgently if you are a fan of speed or bike racing on tracks. Very light and adjustable, they ensure a satisfactory fit to navigate your paths and roads with ease. Its aerodynamic frame shields against potential shocks and impacts.
  • Oakley Split Shot Glasses: All-around protection guaranteed during your running outings. You can even wear them if you are also a fan of marine sports or simply in the pool. They are equipped with an anti-glare system to prevent being dazzled by the sun's rays. Lightness, comfort, and grip assured to allow you to run in peace even when sweating profusely.
  • Oakley Radar EV Path Photochromic Glasses: Ideal for intense running and extreme training, these glasses offer a panoramic field of vision. They also ensure unparalleled clarity and formidable protection from impacts during your runs. Its O-Matter frame is ultra-resistant and promises to accompany you for a long time. Available in black only.
  • Julbo Aerolite ZLR Glasses: Affirm your style with these designer glasses while being protected against all forms of obstacles that could hinder your running. They are specially indicated for small faces and women who are fans of biking, skiing, or trail running. Note that their lenses have undergone an anti-fog treatment and a structure promoting ventilation to allow you to run long and comfortably.

How to choose your glasses for running and trail-running ?

First and foremost, opt for glasses that fight against UV rays to allow you to run with ease and safety. Dark lenses are always to be preferred.

Also, effective glasses suitable for running must necessarily be light, robust, and prevent the formation of fog during exertion. The fit is also an essential criterion; if your glasses do not adhere properly, they will tend to slip and thus spoil your running sessions.

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