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Belts & Race Number Belts
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The utility of a running belt is vital in official foot races regulated by precise and strict rules, where carrying a bag is often prohibited. To solve this, special belts have been designed to carry provisions, energizing chocolate bars, or a bottle of water, for example. However, some poorly designed or thought-out hydration belts can turn your marathon into a nightmare. They may tighten too much or gradually loosen, causing you to drop your supplies. Therefore, it's crucial to know how to choose your belt for achieving the best performance.

Which running belts should you consider?

Here we suggest some models designed by prestigious brands, offering reliability, and an attractive quality-price ratio. Here are a few:

  • Salomon S-Lab Modular Belt: This belt is specifically recommended for minimalist running and trail enthusiasts. It is equipped with 4 pockets allowing you to bring your essential provisions and effects during long runs. Its elastic design ensures an ideal adjustment to your morphology. For better attachment to your pants or shorts, the belt is equipped with snap buttons.
  • Compressport Free Belt Pro: If you're looking for an ultra-light and efficient belt, this one is for you. Its specialty is that it allows for significant storage; you can comfortably bring your personal effects, mobile phone, and substantial provisions. Another practical aspect of this belt is that it allows you to attach your foldable sticks, with a designated spot for this purpose.
  • FlipBelt Zip: This tube-shaped belt consists of three compartments, each 6 centimeters. The fourth compartment is zippered, allowing you to securely store your precious personal effects. Its stretch fabric ensures an adjustment to your waist. This belt is available in two colors: pink and black.
  • Nathan Zipster: The main characteristic of this belt is its extensibility, allowing you to engage in your itinerant sports sessions with ease. You can easily bring your small personal items and provisions. It features two zipped side pockets that can reach up to 15 cm. Lastly, the belt is available in several sizes.

How to choose your running or trail-running belt?

To wisely choose your belt, keep in mind some essential criteria. Ensure your belt is stretchable and adjustable so that it perfectly fits your waist. Also, opt for belts made of materials like stretch for ideal holding of your personal effects. It's also important that your belt has sufficiently large pockets and compartments, preferably zippered, to store your provisions and small items during your itinerant foot races.

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