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Short sleeve shirts for men
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The unique aspect of running is that it's practiced in all seasons. Whether it's hot, windy, or snowy, nothing stops the most relentless runners in their exponential quest for performance and self-improvement. However, each season corresponds to specific, appropriate clothing. Neglecting this aspect can be severely detrimental to the runner because, in addition to hindering their progress and demotivating them, it may cause damage, chafing, and injuries.

In the summer, for example, opt for short-sleeve clothing with specific requirements to optimize your performance.

Which short-sleeve clothing models to choose?

This small selection made by I-Run aims to present you with the most reliable and comfortable models. Among the short-sleeve garments, we suggest:

  • X-Bionic Trail Running Effektor T-Shirt: the price of this short-sleeve t-shirt (a bit over one hundred euros) justifies its high quality. It's arguably the best there is in terms of short-sleeve jerseys. Indeed, the Effektor technology underpinning this jersey assures a surprising gain in endurance. It moderately compresses your torso to avoid exhausting vibrations during your running sessions and, at the same time, reduces your heart rate.
  • Salomon S-Lab Exo HZ T-Shirt: the particularity of this t-shirt is to effectively support your muscles to boost your performance. Moreover, it provides exemplary sweat evacuation thanks to the perforated fibers with which it is designed, simultaneously keeping your body dry. It also has a zip opening to regulate ventilation according to the weather. To acquire it, expect to spend 88 euros.
  • Odlo Active Spine Pro: this t-shirt is a concentration of the latest textile and even biomechanical innovations. It's hard to find better in the field. In fact, a panel explicitly placed on the back ensures it maintains a perfectly straight posture. Moreover, it is equipped with several compressive zones, especially around the armpits and chest, to perfectly adapt to your morphology. Thus, your performance will be extraordinarily optimized. Count on spending 110 euros.

Where to buy short-sleeve clothing?

It's important to remember, first and foremost, that each brand sizes differently. Short-sleeve jerseys you previously purchased from a given brand may not necessarily fit if you buy exactly the same size in another brand. Thus, if you already know your size in a specific brand, you can buy them directly online, on the I-Run site, for example, known for its seriousness, professionalism, and the wide range it offers runners.

Otherwise, you can directly visit multi-brand stores or even the store of the brand you desire. Thus, you will try on their short-sleeve t-shirts on-site; the risk of getting the wrong size will be limited.

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