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Beanies for Running & Trail Running
87 article(s) found

Running and Trail Tunning are activities that can be enjoyed year-round, and each season calls for the appropriate attire.

During winter, it's crucial to dress warmly for your running and trail running sessions. This means not just picking any hat but choosing one specifically designed for running or trail running. A running beanie fits snugly, covering the forehead and ears entirely and is made from the most reliable materials.  Indeed, running with a beanie or a hat that doesn't properly wick away sweat can hinder your performance.

Running and trail running beanies

For comfortable and effective running, it's essential to keep your extremities warm. Since body heat primarily escapes through the head, selecting a technical running beanie should be a top concern for every runner and trail-runner, whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete.

Here are some essential models:

  • Gore Wear Gore Windstopper Beanie: Highly recommended for runners in the midst of marathon training or similar competitions. This hat protects you in cold weather during all your sports sessions with its Windstopper protection; a true barrier against wind and rain. Its internal fabric provides excellent breathability to keep your head dry continuously. Available in black as well as fluorescent yellow for those who love vibrant colors.
  • Nike Dry Beanie: If you're used to training for several hours in cold or damp conditions, this beanie crafted by Nike will surely delight you. Its breathable qualities ensure exceptional moisture management and maximum protection. Run safely at night too, thanks to its reflective elements that enhance your visibility in low light. For about thirty euros, you can acquire this essential running beanie along with a pair of equally efficient and breathable gloves.
  • Gore Wear Gore Windstopper Balaclava: If you find yourself drawn to running sessions in extreme environments, do not hesitate to opt for this protective hat. Designed as a balaclava, it ensures maximum protection. The materials used in its construction act as a windbreaker while offering maximum protection in unexpected, moderate, or heavy rain. Available only in black.

What are the criteria for choosing your running or trail running beanie?

Several factors should be considered when selecting an ideal running or trail running beanie.

  • First, breathability: it's crucial to choose a hat that provides maximum sweat evacuation to protect you from the elements and potential illnesses.
  • Lightness is also a key criterion; this way, you won't feel like you're carrying a heavy burden on your head.
  • Finally, it's advisable to select a hat with an opening at the top. The drawstrings it features allow for an ideal adjustment.

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