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Running underwears for women
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Whether you only run occasionally or you're preparing for a marathon, choosing the right underwear is crucial and should not be overlooked. Among the myriad of models available, it can be overwhelming and challenging to discern reliable, comfortable models from those of mediocre quality.

Choosing the right size is also crucial. Otherwise, you'll end up with underwear that's too tight or too loose, and in either case, you'll have a rough time.

Always prefer technical models that offer all the characteristics to ensure maximum comfort.

How to choose your women's underwear for running?

Several criteria should be considered when choosing your underwear for running and fitness sessions. Keep the following points in mind:

  • Material: While everyone agrees that cotton underwear is comfortable for daily wear, this isn't necessarily true for your workouts. In fact, cotton tends to soak up sweat and not wick it away. This is in stark contrast to polyester and microfiber underwear, which possess textile characteristics specifically designed for optimal sweat evacuation.
  • The size of your underwear: Two criteria are necessary to choose the size of your underwear: weight and waist circumference. To be sure, refer to the size charts provided by your brand.
  • The choice of finishes: To be perfectly comfortable during your running sessions, pay special attention to the finishes of your underwear. It's common for most women to be bothered by seams that tend to itch; if this is your case, opt for triple seams instead. Also, choose the color of the elastic of your underwear. From monochrome colors to the most eccentric, the choice is broad.
  • The type of underwear: Depending on your preferences and inclinations, there are several types of underwear to wear according to your convenience. Between briefs, boxers, and shorts, there is something to satisfy all tastes.

What criteria should you use to choose your underwear?

Regardless of the models and brands of your underwear, some criteria remain immutable. Always keep them in mind for the wisest choices.

Among them:

  • Breathable underwear: Breathability is a choice criterion. Always opt for briefs and shorts made with breathable fabrics so they can easily wick away sweat.
  • Adjustable underwear: If you neglect this aspect, you will end up with underwear that is either uncomfortably tight or too loose, prone to chafing and irritation.
  • Thermoregulating underwear: Thermoregulation ensures greater comfort as your underwear will protect you against harsh cold and scorching heat. They always keep you dry.
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